"Beta Alliance are fantastic partners, their candid approach, ability to change and measured search for the creative that will deliver the best results is helping us see new ways to grow while mitigating risks to the business."​

Rob Langford 

Kaspersky Global Head of Partnerships and Collaborative Content 

Businesses founded: 2

Telegraph Hill (2010 - 2016)

Beta Alliance (2018 - present day)

Pioneering live projects: 4

HP, Red Bull Media House, Facebook & Visa, Kaspersky 

TV series commissioned: 5

factual and entertainment formats

Creative campaigns: 26

for clients such as The BBC, NBC Universal, Sky, Betway, TGI Friday 

Example: The Fox Problem

60 per cent of 16-34 year olds saw HP as relevant to them and 55 per cent said they were more likely to consider HP products. The series directly resulted in over £1.3 million sales on the HP website alone and returned the brand to its number one position in the market.